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Please note this survey is now closed. I've kept the original text below along with link to the survey so anyone who wants to see it can do so.

A paper based on the results of the survey has now been published and the full text is freely available. You can read it here.

Cost of healthcare to the patient

Please take just a couple of minutes to fill out our online survey. The more people who complete it, the more weight it will carry.

Here's what it's about:

Usually, when the NHS evaluates the costs and benefits of a treatment or a screening test the cost to the patient is ignored. For example, if you go to a clinic and get given an injection which extends your life by say a couple of days then the cost effectiveness of this treatment will be calculated from the cost to the NHS of the injection and the fact that your lifespan is extended by a certain amount. What won't be considered is that you have to take an afternoon off work to go the clinic or that the injection may actually hurt quite a lot - these factors do not enter the standard "cost effectiveness" calculation.

The way standard methods deal with this is to say that if the treatment is of some benefit then it is taken for granted that the patient will undergo it and all that one considers is the cost to the NHS and the ultimate benefit to the patient.

However one view would be that the patient experiences some cost when undergoing some procedures. This may be a financial cost in terms of transport fares, loss of earnings or loss of free time. Or it may be a personal cost in terms of discomfort, pain or indignity. This survey seeks to quantify the overall cost to the patient by asking how much money you would want to undergo the treatment if it wasn't actually a treatment, i.e. if it brought you no benefit at all. How much would you want to be paid to have somebody give you an injection? How much to travel to an appointment at the hospital?

Please log on to the survey and give your honest answer to the questions regarding how much you would want to be paid in order to undergo each of the experiences listed. There are only a few questions so it won't take long to do and you'll be helping to give a voice to patients whose views are perhaps sometimes not given due consideration.

The survey is entirely anonymous. Please state the amount you would want to be paid in pounds sterling. Feel free to omit any answers but if you want to say that you would charge nothing enter a zero rather than leaving a blank.

The survey is aimed at patients, healthcare professionals and the general public so please help us to capture as wide a range of views as possible. This version of the survey is intended to apply to people who might use the NHS, so please do not complete it if you are not living in the UK.

Many thanks in advance for your participation.

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Prof David Curtis

Consultant psychiatrist

East London NHS Foundation Trust