Software written by Dave Curtis

Below is a list of software I have written which is available for general distribution. I use the MSVC compiler, and cross-platform development of QDB, PEDRAW and DOLINK was achieved using the very wonderful wxWindows library.

Packages from this site are available using the links below. All programs are provided as DOS or Windows executables and as source code in C and/or C++ to allow compilation on other platforms. For programs under active development the version numbers may change from time to time. If you have problems with any program, check back here to see that you have the latest available version.

The page for scoreassoc and pscoreassoc is here:

Our neural network software is available from Bernard North's software page:

Dave Curtis software:

The following packages remain available mainly for historical reasons. They may be of academic interest, but may not be of much practical value for modern data analysis.

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