Dave Curtis lecture notes

Skived off the lecture? Couldn't get a copy of the hand-out from a friend? Never fear, they're all here! Who knows, maybe these versions have been updated since I gave the lecture. Maybe not.

Firstly, I've set up a separate page for my lecture presenting an Introduction to Human Genetics here:


This provides links to a recording of the lecture, the slides and some very extensive accompanying notes.

Likewise, here is a page for my lectures on using linkage mapping to localise disease genes: http://www.davecurtis.net/LinkageMapping.html

And a page for my lecture on psychiatric genetics: http://www.davecurtis.net/PsychiatricGenetics.html

Here are notes on psychiatric assessment:

Here are the same notes formatted for mobile devices: And here are hand-outs and/or overheads for other subjects. Some of these are only of historical interest - please note that the field may have progressed since they were prepared: Here are the notes and exercises for a course we ran in linkage and association analysis: All material copyright Dave Curtis (1995-2011). You can distribute it as you like provided my copyright remains acknowledged.