Dave Curtis lecture notes

Skived off the lecture? Couldn't get a copy of the hand-out from a friend? Never fear, they're all here! Who knows, maybe these versions have been updated since I gave the lecture. Maybe not.

I regularly lecture on the following topics, for which notes are available:

The first set of notes explains a few general things about genetics, including the use of DNA markers for mapping disease loci. The other gives very brief overviews of what is known about the genetics of certain psychiatric illnesses, though if you really want to find out about them you'd probably be better off looking them up somewhere like OMIM (Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man). These notes may not be all that comprehensive, nor comprehensible if you weren't actually at the lecture, nor perhaps even accurate, but maybe they'll be of some interest to somebody.

Here are notes on psychiatric assessment:

Here are the same notes formatted for mobile devices: And here are hand-outs and/or overheads for other subjects (please note that the field may have progressed since they were prepared): Here are the notes and exercises for a course we ran in linkage and association analysis: All material copyright Dave Curtis (1995-2011). You can distribute it as you like provided my copyright remains acknowledged.