Dave Curtis

My picture Honorary Professor at UCL Genetics Institute, UCL and at Centre for Psychiatry, Barts and the London School of Medicine and Dentistry. Email: d.curtis@ucl.ac.uk

Previous career

Undertook preclinical medical training with social psychology option at St. John's College, Cambridge, then clinical training at the Middlesex Hospital Medical School (now part of UCL). Trained in psychiatry at the Middlesex and UCL hospitals, where I began my research in psychiatric genetics with Hugh Gurling in the Unit of Molecular Psychiatry. Worked as lecturer in psychiatry at St Mary's Hospital Medical School, part of Imperial College, and was awarded MD for thesis titled "Genetic Linkage Studies of the Functional Psychoses". Next worked as senior lecturer at the Institute of Psychiatry and obtained PhD in Genetics from Cambridge University.

Research interests

I am or have been involved in studying the genetics of a number of disorders, especially those with complex patterns of inheritance. These include: I am also interested in developing improved methods for the genetic analysis of diseases with complex modes of inheritance.

You can see a list of my main publications here.

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I have written a number of programs for assisting in the management and analysis of genetic data available from this page.

A useful app for downloading sets of web pages (e.g. journal abstracts, lecture notes) to windows phones is here: http://www.davecurtis.net/webStore.html.


I deliver a number of lectures on genetics to medical students and psychiatrists, and if you like you can check out the lecture notes.

Healthcare costs survey

This survey on costs of healthcare to the patient is no longer recruiting. Thanks to all who participated. You can still view the survey questions here.

The full text of the paper based on the results of this survey can be viewed here.

Hugh Gurling

Unfortunately Hugh died suddenly of a heart attack on 2/11/13. Here is a link to his obituary.

Here is a wordle made from the abstracts of his papers on PubMed.


More ephemeral and/or opinionated stuff can be found here.

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